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Weaving Wonderment

I knew it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to yet another fiber art adventure. Mae and I bought a Zoom Loom today to give it a go. We both found it fun, quick and easy… And sure to become a new addiction. Mae’s planning to make a blanket for her Pixie doll:

And I wonder what I should do with my first handspun square?

The possibilities are endless…

13 thoughts on “Weaving Wonderment

  1. You got one! I can’t wait to see all the possibilities you come up with. I love the texture and color of your first square, and I can see Mae’s is going to be fabulous too. So much fun to explore. I can’t wait to get one too!

  2. Yes! You inspired me with your weaving guild stories, and when I told Mae about it, she got excited to try as well. I like how quick it is. Knitting a square this size would probably have taken me 3x as long.

    • I agree! Empress27’s handspun squares are what inspired me to try it. And multi-colored roving should make for an interesting patchwork pattern… I hope. All my squares from this yarn are turning out slightly different.

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