Favorite Fellow Bloggers!!!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been keeping a list of my favorite blogs on the sidebar of my home page. I’ve just updated to include some new favorites, so check it out! I’m so grateful to all of you for your fabulous posts, as well as your conversations on my posts. They’ve been so helpful, interesting, inspiring, and funny. You’ve all kept me entertained and supported on this crazy journey of raising my kids and animals and trying to enjoy life in general! I never thought I’d find such a great community of friends from around the world when I started this blog. I thought it would just be a fun way to journal about keeping chickens, and maybe update a few friends along the way, but it’s become so much more!!! Thanks again to all of you fellow bloggers and to all of my faithful readers as well! xo

all is right in the world again

At last! 2 beautiful whole eggs today! And a nice big one from Cleo again. The cats were even impressed. The weather was finally warmer too, but dark and rainy all day. The hens looked like drowned rats when I got home… but happy drowned rats. I guess they are truly Oregon girls at heart!

i am not a good “big brother”

Last night I met a fellow chicken keeper at a knitting group and asked for her thoughts on Cleo’s egg laying madness. Her theory is that after she laid her very big egg, her body got a little out of balance (she ran out of shell?) so the next egg was malformed… no shell. She thinks Cleo got a taste of the yolk and liked it enough to smash the next egg she laid to get some more. She suggested trying to collect her next egg right after she lays it to help her break the habit, so I worked from home today to keep an eye on Cleo in general, and to do this if possible, in case she was right. Unfortunately, I think I checked on them too much and made them all hyped up every time I came outside. I’m sure they were expecting treats, or wondering if I was going to put them in their coop all day long. So no eggs at all today. Blurg!!!

one and a half eggs today???


Ack! What does this mean? The whole egg on the right is clearly Gloria’s, and the broken one on the left is Cleo’s. Is this the part that was stuck inside her? Or is she starting to eat her own eggs? I’m at least glad that there were 2 today, but this has me totally flummoxed. What’s going on? Maybe the fact that her last perfect one that she laid a few days ago was so big has something to do with it? Has her body started producing bigger eggs, and she’s not used to pushing them out yet?

cleo’s egg? or not cleo’s egg? that is the question.

Still no second egg this morning. But no sign of anything else either, and the girls both appear to be healthy and happy. So I’m trying to be hopeful that it really is just because of the cold. It hardly ever gets this cold here, it hasn’t even been above freezing during the day, and I know that a lot of chickens stop laying in winter. And since I’m still not positive who laid the egg yesterday, the suspense continues…

no blood, healthy fowl… but cold feet

No more weird shell-less bloody eggs today, just one perfect one that I’m almost positive is Cleo’s, but I couldn’t be entirely sure. If there is a slightly darker one in the morning (Gloria has been laying either just before bed, or early in the morning) then we’ll know for sure. They are both still acting perfectly normal, although a little peeved that I didn’t give them any corn this morning. I got a few extra pecks from Gloria that were not the most gentle she’s ever given me. But I wanted to make sure they were eating plenty of their laying feed and oyster shell, so only a little bit of fresh corn before bed tonight… which of course was terribly exciting, especially after trying to forage in the frozen earth all day.

too corny?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I’m only just emerging from the Christmas that wouldn’t end. And it’s been so cold here, the hens’ water has been iced over almost every morning. Nevertheless, we’ve still been getting 2 eggs a day until a couple of days ago, when we got a VERY big egg from Cleo, I would say extra large, when they are usually more like medium. Then, no more from Cleo the last two days. I thought it was maybe because it’s been so cold, and I’ve been giving them extra corn to keep warm. Then today, when I cleaned out their coop, I found a big pile of egg yolk with a lot of blood in it, no shell. I took a photo, but I won’t post it, it’s so gross. I’m hoping she’s OK. She acts like she’s feeling fine… running around, eating normally, etc. I tried doing some research, and I’m wondering if I’m giving them too much corn, therefore she’s not getting enough calcium and minerals from her feed. It’s the blood that really concerns me, though. Hopefully we’ll get a normal egg from her tomorrow, and all will be right in the world again.