pullets – 13 weeks

Gloria and Cleo are definitely getting bigger and acting more like hens everyday. They are no longer chirping, just clucking. We have started leaving the ramp down all of the time, with the screen underneath, so they can come up and down whenever they want. We were also starting to leave them out for longer periods of time during the day, after hearing that they were able to chase off a cat! We started contemplating leaving them out all day, but then 2 days ago I had let them out in the morning, and went to take a shower, when through the open window I heard really loud clucking. I ran out and saw 2 raccoons approaching from the back bushes. I screamed, and they took off. Cleo was running around frantically, but Gloria was nowhere to be seen. I found her in the bushes, and she had actually found a hole through the fence to the other side. I was able to coax her back out after a while, but now we are back to feeling like we’d better not leave them unsupervised during the day either. 😦 Those blasted raccoons!!! More and more, I’m guessing that they are what killed Fluffy. They are so brazen in our neighborhood! In other news, Mae talked me into adopting 2 kittens! I caved, since the chicks no longer want us to hold them at all, and the guinea pigs don’t really want to play either. The kids are having so much fun! Maybe I should start a kitten blog as well? And I’m very afraid that my daughter’s powers of persuasion are going to make us the proud owners of a zoo, or at least a farm, by the time she graduates from high school! Oh well. My life is getting more and more complex, but I’m having a lot of fun too!