poncho obsession

Mae’s current poncho

My daughter refuses to wear pretty much any outer garment besides her sweater poncho lately, and it’s constantly getting dirty. I’d really like to knit her a new one for Christmas, but I’m having trouble choosing a pattern. There are so many cute patterns out there, but there isn’t one that jumps out at me as perfect. So I’m putting it to a vote for my blogger friends. Here are my current options. Let me know which you think is cutest.









They sure look cozy. Maybe I should knit one for myself while I’m at it?

For extra knitting photo fun, here’s the dog sweater I just finished for my Mom’s dog, being modeled by my cats (they are such good sports!).

imagined conversation over breakfast

“I don’t know about you, Gloria, but I for one highly approve of our new ‘yogurt for breakfast’ routine.”

“As do I, Cleo, as do I. You’ve got a little on your beak, there.”

“You don’t say? I was just going to tell you the same thing, Gloria.”

“I guess it’s a good thing that it’s raining, and we have a lot of nice wet grass to clean up with after breakfast.”


My sister is now a published author!

My sister, Kristin Warner, wrote a novel and it’s being released today! I helped her with the design and self-publishing and it’s been a blast! You can read the first 3 chapters on her website and if you like it, you can buy the book in either eBook or printed versions. Check it out here:


vampire chicken?

We cracked open Gloria’s first 2 eggs this morning, and were surprised by the dark orange yolks with a little spot of red (blood?) in each. This is what they looked like:

Is this normal? Has she been drinking the blood of her victims? (It was Halloween yesterday, after all.) Has she found a rogue rooster with whom she’s been having a secret affair and been impregnated? Is something wrong with her? None of Cleo’s eggs has looked like this.