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Beautiful beak

It looks even better than it did before! So amazing! Too bad our teeth don’t grow back like this.


7 thoughts on “Beautiful beak

  1. I’ve heard they grow back but never seen such incredible evidence. I had chickens where had their beaks pruned as day old chicks and theirs never grew back. Wonder if it’s an age thing or maybe how far down the cut goes or??? I’m so happy for your lovely (and loved) girl.

    • Thank you! I think you’re right that it depends how much they lose. She didn’t break off very much of the quick, I think. It was a bit of a messy healing process, too, as she tried to shape it and scraped some of the top enamel(?) off at one point. And then it was crooked for a few days, but she seems to have pushed it straight again somehow. Crazy!

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