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Alberta At Last

Alberta laid her first egg today, and for the first time, we collected 3 eggs from our 3 hens:


Here they are in order from left to right from: Alberta, Frances & Gloria. Alberta’s looks a little more golden-beige than pink, similar to Cleo’s shade, and it was covered with the cutest white sprinkles. This is Frances’ 4th egg. And here is Alberta’s first photo shoot as a full-fledged hen:

gold-laced wyandotte hen

I think her feathers are absolutely stunning now…like stained glass or a monarch butterfly:

gold-laced wyandotte hen feathers

But the egg laying politics have begun again in full force. While Frances was laying this morning, Gloria squawked VERY loudly non-stop, like she sometimes would do with Cleo. As soon as Frances came down, Gloria tried to give her a hard peck, then she went up to lay hers. After she came down, Alberta went up, and Gloria squawked again… all throughout. After Alberta came down, all was quiet again. I still don’t understand why Gloria does that. Is it protective? Is it territorial? Is it because she’s the bossy type, and doesn’t like when they are separated, is she trying to tell us about it, or does she just want them to hurry up?

Whatever the reason, we figured we would find Frances’ egg in the corner again, and Gloria’s and Alberta’s in the smaller nesting box, since I saw Alberta sitting in there. While Alberta’s was indeed in there, Gloria had chosen to lay hers next to Frances’ in the corner of the coop. What? Is she picking up that bad habit from Frances? Is it territorial? She always used to follow suit with Cleo’s egg laying practices, so maybe it’s the same reason? After we collected the eggs, Frances hopped up to check out the nesting box, since she saw Alberta laying in there, so hopefully she’ll take the hint, and everyone will start laying in there soon. Sheesh! I will never understand these silly birds and their politics!


Mae wanted to see if the younger girls would come sit with her if she started humming to them like she did when they were small, and sure enough, they hopped right up as soon as she started. (Their favorite: the theme from the “Frances” TV show to the tune of the Hallelujah chorus.)


Cuddle time.


Does Frances want a cuddle too?


Yes, please.



15 thoughts on “Alberta At Last

  1. That’s an impressive first egg. I thought they were normally smaller. Well done Alberta.

    As for the egg laying politics – I’m not sure mere humans will ever understand the importance of everything to do with laying and darned egg. Our hens now seem to have 2 laying spots and it’s a toss of the coin as to who will lay where. I can not figure out the system – but I’m sure there is one. I refuse to believe my girls are just daft.

    Those cuddling photos are adorable – every one of them.

    • Thank you! The new egg is actually pretty small. It’s not a fair comparison with Gloria’s normal size, which is probably close to medium, if not small. But they all taste great, so no complaints here!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! They ARE stunning……wherever (or not!) they chose to lay. All my love :heart thumping: 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Thanks to you, they have lots of great laying options in the new coop. I don’t really mind very much if it’s out of the boxes. Love you too!

  3. Alberta is stunning! So cool that you likened her feathers to a monarch butterfly. I wouldn’t have thought of that myself. The patterns are beautiful. And beautiful photos of Mae…she is quite the model! 🙂

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