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Christmas : Part One

I’ve been saving up a lot of photos of Christmas projects I’ve worked on, and will be posting them in batches, as we have a couple of belated Christmas celebrations to come.. but first I have to share our Christmas present from our Chickens: they started giving us eggs again! Gloria started laying again on the day after Christmas, and then guess who laid her first egg yesterday?


That’s right, it’s Frances!


She didn’t lay in the nesting boxes, but instead in the corner of the coop next to the door, where she and Alberta first slept before they started roosting… I guess because she felt safe there. Hopefully she will eventually learn to use the nesting boxes.


But now she’s officially a hen, and looking much more mature. In fact, she’s just as big as Gloria… maybe even a little bigger:



Their fluffy bottoms always crack me up:



16 thoughts on “Christmas : Part One

  1. What beautiful girls! Well done Frances! Ours have been laying quite a bit this month which is surprising. I put it down to all the extra scraps and feed they are getting. Maybe if you leave a dummy egg in the nest box they might think about laying an egg in there next time? It took mine quite a while to lay in theirs. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. What a cute egg. It is the same pinkish white as my Plymouth Barred Rock eggs. And yes, I think Alberta is bigger than Gloria. She is beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see your projects.

    • I thought it was so perfect and tiny, and it’s definitely lighter in color than Gloria’s. But with the same dark gold yolk color. We hated to crack it open, but we put it in some cookies so everyone could share. I will try to post some projects soon. I even have a pattern of my own invention to share. 🙂

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