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A Surprise, A Sleepover and A Separation

The Surprise:

My finished secret project: A crochet Gromit for my Sweet Prince as an Anniversary gift (15 years married last Thursday!).

crochet gromit

He said he wanted it life-size (still not sure if he was joking) so I used super-bulky yarn and I think it turned out pretty close (used almost a full bag of stuffing!). He’s definitely bigger than our cats.

I got the free pattern here: http://amiamour.com/2010/05/gromit-amigurumi-pattern/ but I followed this Ravelry project notes to make the spherical eyes and longer nose and ears: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Clelixedda/gromit-amigurumi

The Sleepover:

Our Chicken Integration Project is officially a success! Gloria wanted to go into the coop with Alberta and Frances the other night, and they didn’t seem too freaked out about it (they’ve been hanging out in very close proximity all week, and the rainy nights have been leaking into her little coop), so I thought we’d give it another try. Of course, once she realized she was locked in, she tried her best to get out, and paced around until almost dark, but I thought, hey, she is a chicken, let’s see if those roosting instincts kick in. And lo and behold, just before complete nightfall, she went up into the house and settled into the largest nesting box (the same size as her current one). Hooray! Then, the next day, I left her old coop closed up, hoping that she’d follow her habit she developed after Cleo’s passing (however annoying) of laying her egg where she’s been sleeping. And she did! Yay!


The next night, while the girls were all slightly mystified that this sleepover thing is turning into a permanent roommate situation, there were no serious complaints, and Gloria went right up into the house when it started to get dark.


Life is going to be so much simpler for all of us now, and so much better for Gloria. 🙂


The Separation:

Don’t worry, it’s a good one, if a little bitter sweet. While the chickens were moving in together, my kids were officially moving into their own bedrooms. They’ve been using the same room since Mae was born, and 7 years later, even though they are closer than ever, they have finally decided they would like their own spaces. So, our house has been in upheaval moving furniture around, building new furniture, reorganizing closets, etc… I’m very happy for them, and proud of their little independent spirits, but also a little sad that they are growing up so fast! The question now is… what are we going to do with all their door/hall decorations we’ve accumulated over the years?


11 thoughts on “A Surprise, A Sleepover and A Separation

  1. What a series of wonderful milestones!! Congratulations on your anniversary, and I love that he requested Gromit as an anniversary gift! That’s many levels of awesome. And I’m glad that the girls are getting along with the new sleeping arrangements. I hear you on the bittersweetness of the kids having their own separate rooms. As exciting as these makers of independence and growth are, they also bring with them a sense of loss. At least that is often how I experience Little A’s growth! :

  2. oh what a lucky husband – a Gromit ^^ Absolutely brilliant. I simply love “The Wrong Trousers” lol.
    And well done to Gloria and a successful sleepover!

  3. Now that the integration is over, it seems like it was pretty easy. I know that for a while there it felt anything but!

    Love Gromit – you are a wonder with those needles.

    And hooray for your kids. I think it’s great you let them pick the time to cut the cord. I suspect they’ll have a few of their own sleepovers in coming weeks as they get used to their own space. You’re raising two very strong kids there – well done!

    • Thank you! I’m sure I made the integration harder than it needed to be with my hovering mother-hen paranoia. 😉 And I’m glad the timing worked out that both kids were ready for the separation at the same time. Even a year ago, Mae had a hard time going to bed by herself. Now they are both quite happy with it.

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