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Star Flower Mystery Revealed

The Bad News: I haven’t made significant progress on my mystery Star Flower pattern, due to the distraction of a different secret project that needs to be finished sooner (to be revealed later).

The Good News: I’ve made enough progress (sewing the two finished stars together) to end the suspense for all of you who can’t wait any longer for the riddle to be solved… and for those who might want to embark on this project for Christmas gifting.

And the answer is…


drum roll please…


Fingerless Gloves!



My sister commissioned me for this project because she fell in love with this pattern she found online: Vogue Fingerless Gloves. Aren’t they so very fancy?


The yarn I used is Madelinetosh Pashmina (the color is Baltic), a gorgeous sport-weight hand-dyed blend of superwash merino, silk & cashmere. It looks like one skein should be way more than enough to finish.

Most of the projects on Ravelry found that the finished size was a little on the snug side, and recommended that you go up a needle size (which I did). I would say otherwise (depending on your gauge of course) that the finished size is a women’s small. Mine fit me just right (and hopefully my sister as well) and I would guess they are women’s size Medium.

I also used the magic loop method instead of 5 double points, and I found it less fiddly and much easier to keep track of where I was in the pattern than some others mentioned. And a cable cast on gave me a more precise flower in the center the second time around.

Overall, I would highly recommend this pattern, if you are not afraid of lace knitting. (Or even if you are, you will learn a lot!)  And just think of all the other possibilities for these lovely star flowers that you all came up with in your guesses! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Star Flower Mystery Revealed

  1. I love it! These fingerless gloves are stunning!!! I love the color choice and I bet the merino/silk/cashmere is incredibly soft. I would have never guessed that those stars would become these gloves. I can see that these star flowers can be extremely versatile and reassembled for a variety of projects. Very inspiring!

    • Thank you! I wouldn’t have guessed it either, so I would have been surprised if anyone else was able too. They ARE very soft, I’m probably going to have to make a pair for myself. 😉

  2. Oh lord!! So beautiful. Not sure how warm they would be, but the cashmere and silk surely punch up the coziness factor. And Baltic is totally one of my favorite MadTosh colors. I want to steeeeeeeallll..

    • Thank you! And yes, they wouldn’t win first prize for warmth, but wearing them indoors would add a touch of class and coziness, and wearing them with a party dress would make quite a statement, I think. One person on Ravelry made them in white for a wedding outfit… very stunning.

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