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Star Flowers

I promised a knitting post (a welcome break from chickens) so here it is, complete with a riddle:

Can you guess what these are going to be?


12 thoughts on “Star Flowers

  1. These are beautiful!! I love the colors and the design. Sadly, I’m pretty terrible with riddles and have no idea what they’re going to be. But, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with them! Wow!!

    • Thank you! I also love the design (and the yarn). The first one was fiddly, but the second went much more smoothly and quickly. Two more to go before I can finish… Stay tuned!

    • Thank you! I’ll be surprised if anyone can guess who hasn’t seen the pattern. But I also like them just like this. In fact, I’m tempted to starch one and hang it up somewhere.

  2. They’re gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. I was going to guess placemats but I don’t think 4 is enough?? So… a shawl. Wait…nesting box cozies? I have no idea!! Looks and sounds like you’re having fun. 😉 xo!

    • Ha! Nesting box cozies! I love it! Good guesses. They would make fun placemats, and also sewn together as a shawl… that one comes the closest, it is something wearable. 🙂

    • Good question! The big one is 10″ and The small one is 7″. They are not going to be a scarf, but that’s also a good guess… and a good idea. I may have to use some of these ideas for this pattern in the future. 🙂

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