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Chicken Townhouses

It’s been over a week now since all of the girls have been free ranging together during the day, and I think it’s going as well as possible. We’ve moved Gloria’s coop right next to the new coop, to take advantage of a bit of roof cover, as well as hopefully promote more of a flock mentality. Gloria has had a weird laying week, I think mostly due to all-day access to food with less calcium (soft egg shells) and several missed days, but she seems to be getting back to normal now.


Alberta and Frances still seem a little edgy around Gloria, but I haven’t seen any violence, and they are letting her get much closer than before:


In fact, they all are hanging out in the same area of the yard most of the time:


But Frances prefers to spend most of her time napping up high somewhere out of pecking reach, so of course Alberta usually joins her. Here is their current favorite roost:


I feel like a weight of responsibility has been lifted from me… no longer needing to babysit or referee. Perhaps I can actually get back to some serious knitting and spinning in my free time now… just in time for Autumn’s cooler evenings and Christmas crafting!


8 thoughts on “Chicken Townhouses

  1. My smaller girls nap on the roof of the coop to stay out of pecking range. It’s a simple and effective solution that clearly is part of their DNA.

    I’m glad to see the bullying isn’t bad and you can leave them to it. Well done.

    • Thank you! I’m very relieved that we’ve reached a peaceful state of normal. And it’s nice to hear that my little girls aren’t the only scaredy “chickens” out there. 🙂

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