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coop building : part 3 : courtyard walls and house floor beams

We decided that the run of this coop is way too nice to be called a run, so we are calling it a courtyard. Here is this weekend’s progress report:


All of the hardware cloth has been installed around the “courtyard”. The roof framing is complete, and the main house framing is complete as well. Frances and Alberta are getting more and more excited about living here. They spent a great deal of time in the courtyard this weekend. Once the hardware cloth started going up, I think it made them feel safe. And they discovered that the house floor frames make an excellent roost. This is where the nesting box opening will be:


Trying too choose a bedroom, perhaps?


I’m sure they will be sleeping in the same one, regardless:


This is where the ramp will be… but maybe it should also be the powder room?


Mae also had some very sweet cuddle time with the girls in the hammock today:

mae-frances2 mae-frances mae-frances-sleeping

Frances’s lazy feet while she’s lounging always crack me up:



14 thoughts on “coop building : part 3 : courtyard walls and house floor beams

    • Thanks! I think Gloria has coop envy too… she seems to be leaving it to the new girls. I hope they can learn to coexist peacefully by the time it’s finished, or she’s going to have to stay in her own apartment-sized leaky coop.

      Frances really is funny how she likes to just lounge all spread out on her side when she relaxes. I’ve never seen or heard of this before. She especially likes to do it while sun-bathing, and I gotta say it’s kinda creepy. It looks like she’s dead. That might also explain why she gets pecked so much. Alberta is just making sure she’s still alive. She even likes to be carried around like that (once I catch her, that is).

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