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coop building : part 2 : framing

My sweet Papa has been working hard all week on building our coop, and it’s continuing to look amazing and progress quickly. The base was finished on Wednesday. And here’s the exterior framing work (basically finished) from the last 2 days:





All I’ve really done (after working all day) has been some staining. But that’s about my skill level when it comes to building anyway: painting, staining, maybe an occasional nail hammering or screw drilling. I have to put in a plug here for the stain we’ve been using. It’s called Vermont Natural Coatings Exterior Penetrating Wood Stain and it’s a Top Green Building product, non-toxic, no odor, dries super fast, and it looks and works great! We are using the “Lakeside Cedar” color and I think it makes the white wood studs match the cedar base fairly well:


We’re trying to pre-stain the lumber as much as possible, both to get all of the edges, and because it’s easier than doing the tall areas once it’s built. The kids have even helped with some staining:


The girls definitely still want to be involved too, and don’t mind walking on the hardware cloth now.


I’m hoping this is becoming a bonding experience between the new girls and Gloria. It seems like she wants to be with them, but she’s still quite bossy, so they don’t let her get very close…. but maybe at little closer each day? I think their down to about 4′ of comfortable personal space. Perhaps this photo is a good sign of peaceful days to come?



8 thoughts on “coop building : part 2 : framing

  1. It’s so beautiful already. You’ve got a fantastic father.

    And is it an optical illusion or are the new girls really growing? Gloria will have something to contend with soon at this rate.

    • Thank you! I’m very proud of and grateful for my Dad!

      I “think” the new girls are growing, but my sense of perspective is all whacked. I’ve been looking back at my early blog posts, because I’m pretty sure they are smaller than Gloria and Cleo at this age, but I’m also comparing them to Gloria and the scale of my kids, who are 2 years bigger. But they still have about 6 weeks until they are mature, so they have some time to catch up to Gloria.

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