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flourishing feathers

Look how much can happen in a week!


Frances’s back feathers are looking great! Unfortunately, she is getting so big that her dress is shorter now, thus Alberta has been able to get to her tail feathers again. She had 7 long ones left yesterday:


Now she is down to 4, with 3 bloody ends. 😦 I was hoping to let her be rid of the dress soon! Now it looks like I may need to make a new, longer one until she grows her tail feathers in again too.

Things seem to be getting calmer and calmer with Gloria, but they are still not kindred spirits. And I can’t let the girls out alone at all yet anyway, as we keep getting neighborhood cats coming around to stalk them, even with me in the yard! I just chased one away not 2 seconds ago. I wonder if it’s because they still chirp like baby birds… and still look like a catchable dinner… way too tempting!


4 thoughts on “flourishing feathers

  1. Cats! My cat was a stray and first came to my notice when he pounced on one of my full grown chickens. How did he know they’d be tasty? Now that he’s well fed he leaves them alone and I’m sure he couldn’t actually kill a full grown one anyway.

    As for Frances/Alberta/Snackathon – it’s a worry. Tail feathers should always grow out beyond an apron. Maybe you need to shake chilli powder on her tail feathers – that would teach Alberta a lesson πŸ™‚

    • Chili powder! Great idea! Or even cayenne pepper? Would that be too harsh? But I will feel bad if Frances wants to preen herself. Although they’ve both developed an unhealthy taste for eating feathers, so maybe they both should be taught a lesson?

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