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new girls in town

Introducing…. Frances and Alberta! In the interest of promoting all of our hopes and dreams for the future of our backyard, I wanted to choose names that went well with Gloria for our new 10 week old pullets. So I went with characters from the “Frances” children’s books by Russell Hoban: “Bread and Jam for Frances”, “Bedtime for Frances”, etc. In the stories, Frances and Gloria are sisters, and Albert (a boy) is Frances’s best friend. So Frances is our black & white Barred Plymouth Rock (Gloria is also part Barred Rock), and Alberta is our Gold-laced Wyandotte. There were also some beautiful Brahma pullets in the same coop at the store that were tempting, but these two were the most curious and interested in me, and the first two at the door when the shop owner opened it. They were practically begging to come home with me. 🙂 Interestingly enough, as I was settling them in, Gloria started squawking outside… I wonder if she could hear them? (They still cheep, which is super cute!) So we will let them get settled tonight, and then tomorrow we will have our first short introductory visit with Gloria. Wish us luck!


10 thoughts on “new girls in town

    • Yes! I had some great encouragement. 😉 I think Gloria is excited too… we’ll find out tomorrow. Also… Alberta keeps pecking Frances’s beak. Any idea why? Is it a dominance thing? It’s kind of cute, like kissing, but I’m sure a little annoying for Frances, even though she lets her do it.

    • Thank you! I’m falling in love already! Alberta just started perching on my hand and letting me pet her. And good idea on the cage. I have another similar (just the top part) I was thinking of setting on the grass so they can get some good foraging time in today. 🙂

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