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meet & greet

So far so good! Today’s first meet & greet went very well. We had the new girls out under a guinea cage top for about an hour this morning. There was lot’s of curiosity and excitement all around, but nothing aggressive or obsessive. Gloria was REALLY cute with all of the noises she was making, sounding equally nervous and excited. She only pecked at them a couple of times through the bars, but very quick and equally startling on both sides. And it also seemed to help that we shared their food with Gloria. They will all need to eat the grower mix together when they start living together anyway. I didn’t realize that pullets who aren’t laying yet can’t eat any layer food, or the extra calcium could build up and kill them! We will just have to make sure Gloria has access to oyster shells out of reach of the babies. I’m so glad we are doing this now… I think they are all going to get along just fine. And we are quickly falling in love with the babies. They have been letting us hold them and pet them and eat out of our hands and have been giving us lots and lots of kisses. Alberta especially is a very confidant lover girl. At first I was worried that she was going to bully Frances because she kept pecking at her beak, but Frances seemed to tolerate it… then I realized she was just licking crumbs off her face after eating… grooming her. I’ve never seen that with any of my birds before. Super cute!








10 thoughts on “meet & greet

  1. Oh gosh, how adorable. Yes, the grooming thing. I’ve seen it. Not all chickens do it but I had one (Isabel RIP) that seemed to eat as much off her sisters’ beaks as she did out of the trough if it was something messy. And I couldn’t believe that the other chooks didn’t mind. Sometimes it’s a big help. I assume your chickens get long bits of grass half down and half out? Isabel was great at pulling the offending grass out (and gobbling it up herself).

    Alberta sounds like she’ll be a wonderful addition. Now Frances’ personality has to show itself.

    • That’s cool that Isabel did that too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Frances is definitely more shy, but once you get her in your lap, she settles right in for a cuddle, so I think she’ll be our cozy girl. So far Alberta’s personality seems more like Gloria, and Frances more like Cleo. They both seem sweet, smart and curious, but quick to startle and run away, which is exactly what we want in our free-ranging backyard birds.

    • Me too! We brought them out again in the afternoon, and then she basically ignored them, but occasionally walked the perimeter of the yard with her feathers puffed out and making a long, growly squawk. Is she proclaiming her territory? Or being protective?

      They sure loved foraging the second time! They found a patch of dirt and went crazy scratching it up and rolling around in it. Like they were saying: “Yes! This is what our life is supposed to be like!”

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