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Soothing Surprise

After my rough week losing Cleo, I feel like I won the lottery today! Brace yourself for an interesting family connection: My Aunt called last week to tell me that my cousin’s wife’s sister has a small flock of sheep, and doesn’t know what to do with the fleeces. My Aunt told her about my spinning, and she offered to GIVE them to me! So today I received my first “sample” in the mail: 2 gorgeous Romney lamb fleeces, one white and one black (9 lbs. of wool!).

black and white romney lamb fleeces

I was so excited, I couldn’t even wait to wash them… I had to spin up a couple of locks “in the grease”. I just carded them up and spun them with a woolen long draw, which was crazy easy, since the staple is so long. The lanolin on the wool probably helped too, and now my hands feel SO soft. Here’s my first little test skein. It’s so soft and light and dreamy!

romney lamb handspun woolen yarn

Now I’m going to do more experimenting with processing and spinning techniques for this. First I’m washing some of it in just cold water to make it a little cleaner, but keep the grease, and some in soapy hot water to remove the grease… I wonder which I’ll like working with better? Then I think I’ll try combing some and spinning it worsted, as well as more carded woolen.

Then I really need to make something(s) amazing with all this loveliness! Starting with something special for the giver. 😉



11 thoughts on “Soothing Surprise

  1. This is so fantastic. How funny that your twice removed relative keeps sheep but doesn’t want the wool. What are they for? Does she plan to eat them? Are they lawn mowers? Whatever, you have won the lottery and I love the rope you spun. You could make a million things with that. The mix of dark and light means you don’t need to put so much of a pattern into what you’re knitting – any jumper, scarf, beanie, slippers would look wonderful made out of that yarn. You go girl!

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