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Farewell to Cleo

We are all very sad here… we lost our sweet hen Cleo this morning. Two days ago she became egg bound with the biggest egg I’ve ever seen her lay. When she tried to push it out, she prolapsed her vent. It was very messy and awful looking, and we couldn’t get the egg out, so we took her to the emergency vet. They were able to get it out, and get her vent pushed back together and sewn up, and we hoped she would pull through. Yesterday she spent the day resting, and only drinking water, but this morning she was very lethargic and didn’t want to get up or even drink water.Β I planned to take her to a local avian vet as soon as they opened, but she died in the car on the way there. I’m not sure why, there must have been internal complications, but to me it felt that she was ready to give up on this life… as if she was saying enough is enough! I never want to lay another egg again! So I hope she’s in a better place now… a heaven where she can free range her days away… only lay eggs if she wants to and it’s easy for her… and perhaps be reunited with her sister Fluffy. We will miss you always, sweet Cleo. Rest in Peace.

Here’s a gallery of our favorite moments we captured with Cleo:


18 thoughts on “Farewell to Cleo

  1. Oh no, how horrible. Cleo was such a great chicken and she’ll be missed in the blogosphere so I can only imagine how much she’ll be missed in your home. I have the note with feathers from Cleo and Gloria plus the 3 sweet chickens you made for me when I lost all 3 of my chickens. The note, feathers and little chooks sit right above my monitor as a reminder of my sweet girls and the friendships I’ve found online that helped me when I was so sad.

    I hope you weather this storm and come out the other side with your heart a bit tarnished but in tact.

    I’m thinking of you in this sad time.

    • Thank you. And I definitely agree. I am going to miss her eggs, she was such a great layer, and they were big and perfect, and even easy to peel hard-boiled… but I don’t think I’ll be able to eat that last egg that did her in… makes me wish she had made them smaller. 😦

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