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Secret Christmas Projects Revealed

Happy New Year!!! For all of you who thought my whole crafting world revolves around spinning yarn right now… well… you’re not completely wrong, but I have been actually making some things out of some of that yarn as well, so it’s time to share with you the Christmas presents I’ve been working on:

First, here is what the handspun “imperfect” suri baby alpaca yarn turned into: an infinity scarf for my lovely bestest friend since elementary school. I used a free pattern from Ravelry, but I can’t find the link anymore, so here are the basics:

size 13 (US) circular needles w/40″ cable
CO 108 stitches, join in the round, add a stitch marker
odd rows: *YO, k2tog* repeat to the end of that round
even rows: knit to the end of the round
the pattern calls for 200 yards bulky weight yarn, which will give you about 35 rows but I only had about 150 yards, and I got 25 rows. So I think you can just keep going to make it as wide as you want…. just make sure you have enough yarn leftover to bind off.
Bind off VERY loosely. I did *k2tog through the back loops, slip the right needle stitch back to the left needle*, repeat to the end.

It was a very quick, fun knitting project, and I think it looks gorgeous on her (or maybe it’s her that makes it look gorgeous?):

handspun suri baby alpaca infinity scarf

Next, another crochet pokemon character, Umbreon and Ultraball (pattern adapted from this one) for my niece who loves all things Pokemon as much as my kids. I’m especially proud of these because I handspun all of the yarn out of merino, dyed the yellow and red wool myself with food colors (not the black… I had an Anne of Green Gables moment trying to dye black… it turned out green!), and needle-felted the eyes and yellow details… a new experience for me… so fun and easy! And I love how it makes the detailing look like it was “painted” on with thick fuzzy paint. Lola decided to photo bomb this one:


And finally, here is my third Pixie doll I’ve made for another of my nieces… who has been coveting her sister’s. I made her hair a bit more layered, and used “shimmery” Suncatcher green eyes. She has a pink leotard peeking out under her dress, so she can dance a ballet at a moment’s notice!


And now back to my current spinning endeavors: I’m learning to spin long-draw woolen yarn! After my experiment with “messy” spinning on the baby suri alpaca, I wanted to explore the best method for the softest, lightest yarn possible, in order to bring out the best of this 50/50 superfine merino and angora handpainted roving that I bought from The Fiber Imp on Etsy. My Sweet Prince gave me some hand carders for Christmas, so I’ve been learning to make rolags, which are really the only way to achieve a true woolen long-draw. I’m definitely still a beginner, but I’m finding it SO fun, and very quick to spin this way. And the results are so soft and light and airy. Since I’m learning to embrace the whole imperfect process of spinning, I’m feeling much braver, and having a lot more fun! Here are my first attempts. Maybe I should treat myself to my own infinity scarf now?

handspun woolen long draw merino and angora yarn


12 thoughts on “Secret Christmas Projects Revealed

  1. Your knitted and crocheted items are gorgeous! That’s what I find difficult once I’ve spun my yarn – what to use it with?! That’s something I definitely need to look at this year. The crochet Pokemon is fantastic, standing up beautifully! How are you finding working with rolags then? I can’t say I’ve ever been too taken with them. I was given one to try out for my secret santa swap, so may try again at spinning them. Ooh, now you have hand carders you can try out using raw fleece! Great post!

    • Thanks so much! The rolags are a bit tricky to make and work with, but they are also light and fluffy and fun… I think they are just going to take more practice over all. And yes, I’m excited to learn to work with raw fleece as well… double bonus for the hand carders! 🙂

  2. Wow! I think I missed this post. What beautiful work you do!!! Love the doll! And your bestest friend looks lovely in that wonderful scarf. I bet she loves it!

    I’m getting a little bit better at my knitting and I’m almost finished with my first pair of socks. I still have not started spinning yet, even though the ground is covered with snow and the temperature is frigid, I’ve managed to be super busy… but we still have a bit of winter left, so maybe it will happen soon. 😉

    • Thanks so much for the knitting compliments, I really love doing it. 🙂 I’m glad you are making good progress on your socks, and you seem to be putting your time to good use on your paintings… probably more worth your time than spinning… they are so beautiful!

  3. So pretty! I’ve been trying to make an ultra ball pattern for the last couple months, how’d you do it? My stripes end up swirled by the end of it…

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