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Mae’s happy feet

Mae’s yarn, which I spun from the “Amethyst” multi-colored merino, didn’t take nearly as long to make as Jonah’s. I’m not sure why, but it could have been the combination of making 2 larger skeins instead of 4 smaller ones, and more experience on my part. Each skein was almost 100 yards, and I had a lot of yarn leftover. Mostly because of her smaller feet, I’m sure. Also, finishing the slippers went faster because she helped me. She knit quite a few of the straight knit rows while I made thrums, and then we switched. So now she no longer has slipper envy. I think her feet look pretty happy:



19 thoughts on “Mae’s happy feet

  1. What gorgeous yarn! I adore the colours in it. They look seriously cosy and warm. No wonder Mae has such a smile in the photo 😀 And it’s awesome she helped too, well done on her being able to knit so well at her age. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I actually wasn’t sure I liked the colors when I first opened the package, but I think they ended up blending nicely together. And I’m pretty impressed with Mae’s skills also. She knits every day at school… and she’s only six! She even purls as well as she knits, and Jonah hasn’t even mastered the purl stitch yet. To think I didn’t learn until my 30’s!

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    • She impresses and inspires me daily as well. Not a super long attention span, but pretty good for her age. And she knits a bit every day at school, so her skills are getting better all the time.

      • Yes, that is inspiring 🙂 Over time, there have been a few little girls who’ve asked me to teach them to knit… Though all but one just seemed to want the attention 😉 It’s a treat to hear someone so young actually sticks with it ❤

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