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Jonah’s slippers of many colors

Jonah’s handspun thrummed knitted slippers are finally done! It took longer to make the yarn than the actual slippers, but it was worth it! I feel really good about how the yarn turned out. It was mostly evenly spun (Jonah even helped to spin some of it on the wheel!), and I made 4 fairly full bobbins’ worth, about 175 yards of bulky weight worsted spun, 2-ply merino. I used about 12 oz. of fiber for both the yarn and the thrums. That seems like a lot, but they are very thick and sturdy, (but still soft) and I made lots of thick, fluffy thrums, probably 3-4 oz. worth. I think it’s interesting how they just blend into the stitches on the outside… since the fiber is full of so many random colors. I used the thrummed bunny slipper pattern, but minus the bunny stuff, and where the pattern started the ribbing rows, I just kept going, decreasing in the front for several more rows until I had the leg thickness and height I wanted. At the top, I added 2 rows of 1×1 ribbing and used a super stretchy bind-off. Jonah wanted them pretty snug and high around his skinny legs, but the first one I made too skinny…he could barely get his foot inside… so I had to go back and re-knit it. But the end result was a success! He loves them, and doesn’t want to take them off. And Mae can’t wait for me to make hers too… but she’s going to have to… probably a couple more weeks. šŸ˜¦ Hopefully she won’t get as jealous as Joseph’s brothers did about his coat and sell him into slavery in order to claim them for herself!

handspun thrummed knitted slippers

handspun thrummed knitted slippers

handspun thrummed knitted slippers

23 thoughts on “Jonah’s slippers of many colors

  1. If Mae isn’t jealous there’s something wrong with her. Who wouldn’t be jealous of those slippers, aren’t you? I am!!!

    Just a small piece of advice based on experience, I’ve knitted slippers and love them, but knitted slippers get walked through quick-smart. I tried knitting extra soles which didn’t work at all – they had holes and unraveled in about a week. I crocheted souls and those held up a bit longer (a month?). The only thing that I’ve found that actually holds up to being walked on is felt. I’d suggest taking some of your cheapest wool (it has to be 100% wool) knit a huge square and felt it (or felt a cheap wool sweater purchased from the local op shop like I did) then you can cut soles for your slippers and patch the heels of the soles and those slippers will last at least through the winter when Jonah probably will outgrow them. I’ve had slippers for years that I’ve knitted, I just replace the soles as needed and keep wearing my old favourites!

    • Thanks!!! That’s a great idea! The thrums are also meant to merge with the yarn into felt just by wearing them, (that’s another reason I used merino) but an extra amount of felt on the bottom would definitely make them last longer, I’m sure. And it’s the easiest idea for an additional sole that I’ve heard of… while probably still keeping a bit of slipper-iness… important for my kids who like to skate around our hardware floors with them. šŸ˜‰

      You are also right that he (and Mae!) will probably grow out of them too quickly. I will probably be making them new ones every year. šŸ˜¦

  2. Those are flippin’ adorable! Very nice. A couple suggestions: I usually wear socks inside my thrummed slippers; it keeps them cleaner longer. I haven’t had to wash them, and I’m not sure what will happen when I do! (might take a very long time to dry)

    The other option for soles is suede. I know you can buy suede soles online, and perhaps Yarn Garden still carries them, too. You can sew them to the outside of the slipper. Some of them also have sheepskin lining, very fluffy!

    If you are using felt, you might want to use some puffy paint to make a design on the bottom of the slippers, to make them less slippery on hardwood floors. (Do you have hardwoods?)

    Enjoy! I love your spinning/knitting adventure.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! And thanks for getting me hooked on thrumming!!! My kids actually prefer being able to slide around on our hardwoods, and it doesn’t bother me either. šŸ˜‰

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