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Thrum pum pum pum…

Thrumming is so fun! As someone who LOVES her Ugg boots and LLBean Wicked Good slippers, I was ecstatic to find a knitting technique that can produce the same sort of cozy warm wool lining, at a fraction of the price, and no animals even need be harmed in the process. So I took a break from all of the toys I’ve been making as gifts to make something for myself… some nice cozy knitted slippers for the winter. I used this Thrumbelina pattern from a local designer, Michele Bernstein, and I picked up the Madelintosh worsted yarn and Knitted Wit merino roving from my LYS Twisted... thanks to a birthday gift card from a wonderful friend.

thrumbelina knitted slipper and thrums

The thrums were super fun to make, tearing off the roving into small strips, then forming them into cute little “bows” (Mae stole one to wear in her hair!), then wrapping them with the stitches when the pattern called for it. I have to admit that it took some time to get them the right size, my first batch was way too big, so I ended up having to ration the rest for the second slipper, making them all ahead of time so I was sure to have enough.

thrums from merino wool roving

They are simply heavenly to slip my feet into, and are sure to keep my toes toasty warm this winter!

thrumbelina thrummed knitted slippers

Now, of course, my kids want me to make them some as well. Maybe I’ll try this cute bunny slipper pattern for them, with needles and yarn sized down to fit. And this pattern could be modified to look like any animal (or Pokemon?) character… the possibilities are endless!

Also, working with roving has revived my craving to learn to spin my own yarn! I just purchased my first drop spindle, so I’m sure I’ll be posting about my adventures in spinning soon. I hope it’s as magical as I imagine it will be. 🙂 If I really get into it, I might just have to get this t-shirt.


14 thoughts on “Thrum pum pum pum…

  1. I love these slippers! I will try them when I’m done with the lacy scarf I’m knitting. I used to spin a great deal years ago. And I just got my spinning wheel down from the upstairs closet to revive it and get some new parts for it. I hope I will remember once I start again. I used to love it. Looking forward to spinning this winter by the fire…;) I think you will love spinning!

  2. Wow, you’re quick! Glad you like the Thrumbelinas. And just so you know, Duffy is taking orders for the shirt, right now through Oct. 28. Let me know if you want one! Many colors to choose from…

    • Ooooh… I may have to take you up on that! She makes them herself? Is she selling them online? I will be trying my spinning this week, so I’ll let you know if I feel an addiction coming on… I’m thinking I probably will! 🙂

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