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Winter Penguin

Not that I’m ready for Winter (although it’s threatening to come early here with crazy rain and wind storms the last few days), but I made this super cute knitted penguin for my nephew’s birthday this past weekend. He’s a big fan of penguins, and they tend to go with snow, so why not knit him a hat and scarf to keep him warm? The pattern is by Amy Gaines and I think it turned out pretty well, except the hat is too big. It’s supposed to be oversized, but I think it’s my own fault that it won’t stay on, because I used two different types of yarn. I added a magnet at the top of his head, and under the brim of his hat to help keep it on… it sorta helped, I think. Oh well, I guess he looks pretty cute without it also.

Knitted penguin : pattern by Amy Gaines knitted penguin : pattern by Amy Gaines knitted penguin : pattern by Amy Gaines uin : pattern by Amy Gaines

21 thoughts on “Winter Penguin

    • Thank you! Yes, I have been obsessed with making toys lately. Gromit sounds really fun, did you make up a pattern for him or find it somewhere? I am currently taking a little break from toys right now to make myself a pair of slippers… from your thrummed slipper pattern that I picked up at Twisted, actually… I love them! And I’m falling in love with thrumming as well. 🙂

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  2. You are so amazing and big hearted. Calum adores his penguin to pieces. He must have it to cuddle with every night, and he loves it so much he just had to bring it to school for show and tell. Thank you thank you thank you* xo

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