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No more sour… hoping for sweet!

Cleo came downstairs with almost her typical energy this morning! I felt her crop and it was no longer big and squishy, but just a little larger than usual, and pretty firm. So now I’m a little worried that she’s just plain impacted. However, she seems like she has her appetite back, pecking at her food (I bought them crumbles instead of pellets yesterday, hoping that would help) and I gave her some crumbles I soaked in yogurt yesterday as well. I also added some olive oil and cider vinegar to this mixture for good measure, just in case she is still impacted. She didn’t seem to be very wild about the taste… I had to keep putting some on her beak to get her to eat it, and I missed a couple of times and smeared it on her comb, which she was also none to pleased about. But she seems to be feeling much better. Still a droopy comb, but slightly more perky tail feathers. I’m definitely hopeful that she’s going to recover, but I won’t be completely happy until she starts laying again. No eggs from either girl since last Friday! I wonder if Gloria is refusing to lay out of sympathy. ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And she does seem a wee bit jealous of all of the attention Cleo is getting, pecking me if she doesn’t get her fair share of petting… or perhaps out of protective feelings for Cleo as well.

hen recovering from sour crop

Cleo, with slightly perkier tail feathers, but ticked at me for the yogurt on her comb


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