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Cleo update

I think she may be on the mend. This morning, her crop felt smaller, maybe even half the size it was yesterday. She still seems a bit weak and droopy (I’m sure she’s lost weight) but she continues to drink water and eat yogurt, and although she’s not eating solid food or grass yet (which is a good thing), she’s still roaming the yard, and I think she’s foraging for little bugs… which makes me think of the maggot solution I read about. Has anyone heard of this or tried it? Feeding them maggots to help eat through the blockage? Sounds super gross to me, but I’m open to pretty much anything right now to help her. I’m going to the feed store today, so I’ll see if they have any other ideas as well.

I think she looks a little less droopy… but definitely not as erect as Gloria:

hen with sour crop and droopy tail and comb


7 thoughts on “Cleo update

  1. Hoping she keeps getting better. I just googled it for you and says about a week. You have maybe heard of kefir… I haven’t but it was mentioned a few times in some of the articles. Keep up the yogurt. I started feeding my hens kitten food rehydrated in yogurt (or milk)… Maybe once she gets her appetite back 🙂

    • Thanks so much!!! I was wondering about how to start feeding her again once she’s emptied, I hate to see her wasting away. kitten food sounds interesting, maybe because of the high protein? I wonder if I should do the same sort of soaking with their layer feed for awhile.

      • Probably easier to digest. Yes, I give my girls the rehydrated kitten food for extra protein and calcium (from yogurt or milk). They love, love, love it!!! I buy special kitty kitten food, cheap and highest protein. I am sure chicken food rehydrated will work too! Or just cooked eggs… Anything soft 😉

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