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sour grapes about sour crop advice

Cleo is still not her usual perky self today. And the more I research sour crop treatment online, the more confused I am. Everyone, including vets, seems to be giving contradictory advice: make them vomit; don’t make them vomit, massage up; massage down, use oil; don’t use oil, use vinegar; don’t use vinegar, yogurt helps; yogurt doesn’t help, anti-fungal cures it; anti-fungal makes it worse. And then other seemingly random miracle cures like garlic, oregano, and red wine. Argh! But in reality, it’s actually making me less stressed overall, because it sounds like no matter what you do/don’t do, it tends to take a few days to clear up. Most people recommend isolating the bird for the first 24 hours, with only water to drink, but I’m not doing that. She already is not eating anything on her own, but drinking water, and I want her to be able to wander around the yard and rest under the shady bushes while she’s recovering. I’m still doing occasional gentle massages, and I fed her a tiny bit of yogurt this morning, but no more forced vomiting. At least she is still mobile, if somewhat lethargic. Hopefully we’ll see some improvement tomorrow. For now, I think we all need a bit of R&R.

hens napping with me on the hammock


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