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Wanted: Weapons of Mass Raccoon Distruction

Or I guess preferably just a Mass Raccoon Deterrent would be the kinder/wiser choice. (we’re supposed to be a Quaker family, after all) Here is a text message chain between me and my husband this morning (he’s at home, I’m at work). Note the times:


What??? 10:10am and they are still prowling? I’ve gotta get on some of these solutions you all have suggested this weekend. Thanks for the advice. Dog urine… will look for dog to borrow. I’ve heard coyote urine is the best, but we have actual coyotes in our city and we DO NOT want to attract those either! I’ve also heard human urine might work, so that would be the easiest. And water sprays, like a motion activated sprinkler, but the “Chix” would not approve of that, I’m sure. I’ve also heard the “peaceful-negotiation” idea of feeding them, so they wouldn’t be so hungry for live chickens, and that this works with my friend’s outdoor cats, but I’m guessing that would only encourage them to keep coming around, and we don’t want them immigrating into our yard for sure! S0 the battle continues… it’s all-out war on raccoons now!


7 thoughts on “Wanted: Weapons of Mass Raccoon Distruction

  1. Ugh! Try human urine. Sounds gross but probably is the most plentiful 🙂 spice it up with cayenne pepper just for the heck of it. Or ultrasonic sound thingy. But for sure keep on eye on your girls. Good luck!

      • Not sure if it will help but if u read the labels on dogbegone or similar products at the store, hot pepper is usually listed. Ever get it up your nose? I know I don’t like it. It has to be reapplied often, just like the urine, wears offs easily.

    • He did mention that he wouldn’t be opposed to a pellet gun. 😉 But I don’t think we would need the camo gear, they don’t seem to be scared off by our mere presence… only if we throw things at them.

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