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Chloe Hearts Pixie

My niece Chloe’s woodland birthday party was a great success! She absolutely loved her Pixie doll (now named Princess Sparkle) and the pink poodle (Princess Doggy), and she and Mae had a blast playing with their dollies together. They also looked adorable and cool and cozy in their matching hand-made dresses from my super-talented sister. They didn’t even plan to wear them on the same day!


girls-walking girls-in-netgirls-from-backknitted pixie dolls

And check out these gorgeous butterfly wings my sister made for all of the girls! (the boys got bat wings) She’s thinking of selling them someday soon… so patent pending 🙂 … they are so beautiful and comfy, the kids loved wearing them all day long!

girls butterfly wings costume girls butterfly wings costume

2 thoughts on “Chloe Hearts Pixie

    • Thank you Claire! My nieces love their Pixie dolls so much, and my daughter still thanks me almost every day for making hers for her last year… so THANK YOU so much for creating and sharing your beautiful pattern with the world! 🙂

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