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More Pixie Magic

And now, back to something much cuter and more fun than insects: Chloe’s Pixie doll’s wardrobe is DONE and ready for her birthday next weekend! Once again, I am super in love with Claire Garland’s knitted toy patterns, especially this zig zaggy sweater! I want one in my size! It’s from Claire’s Pixie’s Fun Day Clothes pattern collection, and the stripy pants are as well.

Pixie Moon knitted doll clothes by Claire Garland

Pixie Moon knitted doll clothes by Claire Garland

also cute unbuttoned

Pixie Moon knitted doll clothes by Claire Garland

and from the back

And the original Pixie outfit, plus a simple elastic hand-sewn skirt. I love the way her eyes are catching the light in this photo. Suncatcher Eyes, handpainted by Michelle in Maine, are amazing!!!

Pixie - a new knitted doll by Claire Garland

She also gets a poodle for a pet… in pink of course… Chloe’s favorite color. I got this pattern from the book “Knit Your Own Dog”, which I borrowed from the library. Lot’s of cute, realistic dog breeds in there.

pink knitted poodle - knit your own dog

pixie knitted doll and knitted pink poodle

And these sweet pajamas are from Claire’s Bumper Pattern Package, the alternate version of the “Love my Playsuit” without the straps, sewn up in flannel.

pixie knitted doll - flannel hand-sewn pajamas playsuit

I’m so excited to see her face when she opens everything! I’ll try to capture the moment photographically. πŸ™‚

I’ve come to a decision about sewing, though. As much as I’m glad that it doesn’t completely scare me anymore, I still like knitting much better. Even though things take much longer to make, the process is so much more relaxing, more tactile, and MUCH less dangerous than sewing. I’m tired of pricking my fingers and ironing my hands!

17 thoughts on “More Pixie Magic

  1. Questi lavori in maglia sono stupendi! Mi piacerebbe poter avere le spiegazioni! Come fare x avere modello? Grazie!

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