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Happy Belated Birthday to my Chickens

In all of the excitement of Mae’s birthday, I realized that I had forgotten to mention the birthday (or should I say hatching day?) of my hens on May 9th. Just over a year ago, they were hatched at my kids’ school as a science project, and on probably the biggest whim of our lives, we brought them home for Mae’s birthday 2 days later.

They were the best, most fun, educational, exciting and life-changing birthday present she had ever been given, and the last year has been a really amazing adventure for all of our family as we’ve raised them, enjoyed them, and learned from them.

Many of my readers may not have had the chance to go back to the beginning of my blog to follow our adventures from the start, so I wanted to present the opportunity: if you are interested, if you have nothing better to do this weekend (Hah!), if you are new to chicken keeping or considering embarking on this adventure yourself (perhaps you can learn something from our experiences), or if you just want to watch a lot of cute videos of baby chicks (I was a bit video-happy back then), this is where our story began, and you can click the “next” buttons at the top of the page to read the posts chronologically:


Happy Birthday Cleo & Gloria!!! You have enriched our lives with your presence, and our meals with your incredibly rich and delicious free-range eggs, and we are so very glad you came into this world and into our home!

chicken eggs hatching

chicken eggs hatching


6 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday to my Chickens

  1. What a wonderful project! We used to have hens years ago and I remember how lovely they were. They used to follow my Dad around the garden! When I have my own house and a small back garden I plan on rehoming battery hens to give them the life they deserve. Happy birthday chickens!

    • Thanks!!! That’s really awesome of you to plan to rehome battery hens. We love ours so much, I hope they live very long lives, past their egg laying days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How great to have those cuties around from their hatching day. I’m sure they’ve given you so much and I know you’ve given back everything you could – the best of relationships, long may it last!

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