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free range easter eggs

This was our first year making Easter eggs from our backyard chicken eggs. Since they are fresh, we steam cooked them, hearing that this makes them easier to peel. We shall see.


I was also uncertain how their brown color would look with the Easter egg dyes applied. We totally LOVED the colors we got. Such rich jewel tones, I’m never going back to plain old pastel white eggs. The kids didn’t even want to add any extra decorations to them (ie. stickers) they liked how they turned out so much. We did get our colors leftover from our neighbors, who had put a bit of glitter in, and lot’s of vinegar, so that helped as well.

brown free range colored easter eggs

Then, while the kids weren’t watching, I sneaked all of the tiny knitted animals I made for them into the basket to see how they looked. I really like how they turned out. I made chickens and baby bunnies, but then I had to branch out to a few more exotic animals: a lion, penguin & polar bear.


Of course, Lola always gets a sneak peek of everything I make for the kids.

cat peeking in easter basket

It was such a gorgeous day today… 75 degrees, sunny and warm. This never happens here on Easter weekend. Usually it’s cold and rainy. So we had to celebrate by breaking out the hammock in the backyard. The hens even enjoyed sitting on it with us.


Happy Easter To All!!!

7 thoughts on “free range easter eggs

  1. I love the eggs. I don’t have kids so don’t do Easter Eggs but now I’m wondering if I should have done a batch for myself. I love hard boiled eggs and those colours are fantastic. A woman told me you couldn’t dye brown eggs – I’m thinking she never tried.

    As for your knitted animals, I refuse to say the penguin and lion are cute – I’m staying loyal to my chooks and calling your knitted ones really really cute and the other animals (which I’m not saying are cute) as adequate side-kicks.

    Great celebration you’ve prepared for the day. Enjoy it and Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Those eggs turned out great! I loved the year when our fresh eggs were light brown, medium brown, green, blue, and light pink. It felt like we didn’t even need to color them for Easter! But we did and they turned out well. Can’t wait until June, when we will have that rainbow of eggs again.

  3. I’m happy to report that the steam cooked Easter eggs DID peel better than hard-boiled. At least Gloria’s peeled a little easier. Cleo’s have remained consistently easy to peel… although it’s harder to tell them apart when they are colored like this. 🙂

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