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little lawn mowers

Yesterday was the first day we had to mow our lawn since last fall, as the weather is finally getting warm enough for it to grow again. We usually dread the backyard most of all. The grass grows so thick and wet there, it takes about an hour of back-breaking pushing to mow it. So I was pleasantly surprised when it only took me about 15 minutes yesterday. I realized that our chickens have done a really great job thinning it out for us. Even if their edge work is a bit extreme and jaggedy, I don’t really mind, especially since they are so good at “weed-whacking” around the kids’ sandbox. And they really seemed to love nibbling the freshly cut grass. It must taste as good to them as it smells to me. Yet another benefit to raising backyard chickens! Now, if we could only figure out a way to prevent them from pooping on the patio… my husband’s pet peeve.. poop in any form.



8 thoughts on “little lawn mowers

  1. My husband constantly threatens to make them wear nappies (that’s diapers for you Yanks). He goes especially mental when they poop in his workshop!

    I love the grass mowing properties of chickens. Unfortunately they have their favourite spots and don’t do an even job so we still have to mow (though much less often). And then there are the holes they scratch in the grass presumably because something really tasty lives there. They seem to be lacking an eye for the beauty of manicured grass. Clearly they haven’t evolved as far as we humans 🙂

    • Yes, I’m very thankful for it. I can’t believe how long winter is lasting farther East! And it sounds like more snow on the way? I’m so sorry for you! Meanwhile, it’s supposed to hit 75 here next weekend and the flowering trees are exploding. Just in time for Easter egg hunting. 🙂 Makes all the dreary rain during most of the year seem worth it when we finally get some sun and warmth.

      • At 30 I still am amazed at this planet, the different climates. I will retire to warmer weather, in 40 years! Lol! Pretty soon I will be complaining that it is too warm, and humid.

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