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hexipuff hens

A few months ago I started working on the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits. Normally I shy away from huge knitting projects like blankets, but this was way too cute and interesting not to attempt it. You just knit these little hexagon shaped pillows with whatever spare sock yarn you have on hand, then you get a nice sense of completion and you can tuck them away until you get enough to tie them together into a patchwork quilt, no lining necessary, since you stuff them as you go. So far I have just over 50 finished, and the pattern estimates around 400 are needed for a lap quilt, so… it’s going to take some time. But that’s OK, the joy is definitely in the journey for this project, and I have the feeling it’s going to end up being a sort of family heirloom. There are many people around the world working on it and coming up with interesting ways to embellish and embroider them, and this gave me the idea to make it even more personal by embroidering things into them that mean something to our family. I started with our hens, of course, and I even included Fluffy, our pullet that we lost to a predator. It was fun to imagine what she’d look like all grown up with Gloria and Cleo:


Then I made a couple for our cats as well. Butterfly turned out more like a Tiger, but my husband says that’s appropriate:


Here they are all piled together:


And here’s what they’ll start looking like when it’s all put together:



Just like a beehive! So I’ll probably have to include a bee or two, and our guinea pigs, and now the kids say they want to be included, so that should be interesting. I’m having a lot of fun making up these embroidery patterns, so I thought I’d share them in case anyone else would like to use them for this project or a different one. I think they would also work well for cross-stitch. I’ll add more as I go!


13 thoughts on “hexipuff hens

  1. I love it! If I had balls and balls of old yarn I might give this a go. Or maybe not – it looks like it would take me al ifetime. Oh, but soooo worth it. I could immortalise my chickens and a few of my bees!

    • Thanks! I thought you would like it… being a real and actual beekeeper yourself. 🙂 Immortalize is a good word for it. I kind of don’t even mind if it takes a lifetime to finish, I could keep adding to it, and create a lifetime of memories to pass on to my kids and grandkids. And the other cool thing is that they are easily tied together, so if one gets ruined, you can just replace it.

  2. These unique additions are beautiful and so special, thank you for sharing! I am contemplating starting one of these too but I am pretty new to knitting so I don’t have a large supply of sock yarn at the moment.

    • Thanks!!! You could really use any weight of yarn, as long as they all end up pretty similar in size. Actually, using big needles and bulky yarn, it would probably knit up pretty quickly. I would suggest trying a few out to see how you like it, and go from there. If nothing else, you can use them for something else, like sachets. I’ve been putting a pinch of lavender in mine for extra coziness.

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