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i am not a good “big brother”

Last night I met a fellow chicken keeper at a knitting group and asked for her thoughts on Cleo’s egg laying madness. Her theory is that after she laid her very big egg, her body got a little out of balance (she ran out of shell?) so the next egg was malformed… no shell. She thinks Cleo got a taste of the yolk and liked it enough to smash the next egg she laid to get some more. She suggested trying to collect her next egg right after she lays it to help her break the habit, so I worked from home today to keep an eye on Cleo in general, and to do this if possible, in case she was right. Unfortunately, I think I checked on them too much and made them all hyped up every time I came outside. I’m sure they were expecting treats, or wondering if I was going to put them in their coop all day long. So no eggs at all today. Blurg!!!


3 thoughts on “i am not a good “big brother”

  1. Agreed. I feel like an idiot… or at least the complete novice chicken keeper that I am. But the girls are back to their own devices (usual schedule) today, and the temperature was even above freezing, so we’ll see what I come home to. At least we got an egg from Gloria this morning, so I didn’t throw her off too much. I think I was a little scared by this woman’s advice, since she is more of an indifferent chicken owner, and said that if one of her hens starting eating her own eggs, she would make stew out of her. As if I could ever do that to Cleo! I would sooner let her eat the eggs.

    • Like you, I can’t imagine killing one of my chooks no matter how bad her behaviour. Maybe I’d have it done for me if she started harming the other chickens, but if all she is doing is stealing an egg now and then (or every day) I’d probably get more Nazi-like and separate her until all eggs were collected or something similar to minimise my egg loss while keeping her as happy as possible.

      I think Cleo didn’t eat her egg, it broke. She had a mess (caused by something mysterious – like most things that happen to chickens) and her body took a bit of time to recover. She’s well now and I’m happy for you (both).

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