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one and a half eggs today???


Ack! What does this mean? The whole egg on the right is clearly Gloria’s, and the broken one on the left is Cleo’s. Is this the part that was stuck inside her? Or is she starting to eat her own eggs? I’m at least glad that there were 2 today, but this has me totally flummoxed. What’s going on? Maybe the fact that her last perfect one that she laid a few days ago was so big has something to do with it? Has her body started producing bigger eggs, and she’s not used to pushing them out yet?


2 thoughts on “one and a half eggs today???

  1. Interesting (in a less than nice way). Cleo’s shell looks well formed, just broken. I think that’s a good sign because it means she’s making normal egg shells and isn’t lacking nutrition or suffering from some genetic problem. I have to say it does look like it broke inside her. If she were eating her eggs it probalby wouldn’t be so flat and wouldn’t she have eaten Gloria’s egg as well? Or at least pecked it? If she starts laying normally soon I’d say it meant she took a tumble when you weren’t watching, the egg broke insider her, created all kinds of internal problems and they’ve resolved themselves.

    You say she’s behaving normally? Hens do mask their problems but when Bronwyn was laying oddly she was definitely a sick chook. I am leaning towards optimism with Cleo – fingers crossed I’m right.

    Thanks for the regular updates, keep ’em comin’

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you’re optimistic! She really seems to be feeling fine and behaving normally, so hopefully this is the end of it and she’ll start laying normally soon.

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