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too corny?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I’m only just emerging from the Christmas that wouldn’t end. And it’s been so cold here, the hens’ water has been iced over almost every morning. Nevertheless, we’ve still been getting 2 eggs a day until a couple of days ago, when we got a VERY big egg from Cleo, I would say extra large, when they are usually more like medium. Then, no more from Cleo the last two days. I thought it was maybe because it’s been so cold, and I’ve been giving them extra corn to keep warm. Then today, when I cleaned out their coop, I found a big pile of egg yolk with a lot of blood in it, no shell. I took a photo, but I won’t post it, it’s so gross. I’m hoping she’s OK. She acts like she’s feeling fine… running around, eating normally, etc. I tried doing some research, and I’m wondering if I’m giving them too much corn, therefore she’s not getting enough calcium and minerals from her feed. It’s the blood that really concerns me, though. Hopefully we’ll get a normal egg from her tomorrow, and all will be right in the world again.


6 thoughts on “too corny?

  1. Welcome back. Just this morning I looked at your blog thinking I must have missed a post because you’ve been so quiet lately.

    Maybe Cleo has whatever Bronwyn has. Bronwyn has twice gone through a non-laying-of-egg-but-laying-of-mess phase. I’m not as kind to my readers as you and I post photos of the yuck. Here’s the latest http://laurarittenhouse.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/bronwyn-bounced-back/

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed hat she recovers in a day or 2 and is back to laying normally.

    • Hi! Yes, I was wondering if it was similar to Bronwyn’s ordeal, but her messes are nothing compared to what I found this morning, all that blood made me think something had died there, and it was all mixed in with the hay where they poop. Definitely worse than your photos. Yours are more like PG, and this was R rated, I’m sure. I’m so glad Bronwyn recovered. Hopefully Cleo will too!

      • Oh dear, I thought my photos were disgusting. If Cleo left something significantly worse than that, that doesn’t sound good.

        I’ve heard chicken eggs can break inside a chook (if they do something silly like jump from a high roost) and this can cause bleeding because the shell actually cuts them inside. But then they should heal up and all is well again. Or that’s what I’m going to keep chanting as I anxiously await your Cleo update.

      • If that’s the case, then where’s the shell? Still inside her? Or maybe they ate it? I saw no signs of it, and her vent hole looked normal. Thanks for your kind thoughts! I’ll keep you posted.

    • Thanks! I’ve also been terribly busy at work, so that’s kept me away from blogging myself, but I’ve been trying to keep up with you ladies. Your chicks are growing so fast! I can’t believe the boys are crowing already! They sure are pretty!

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