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a break from the heavy to discuss hard-boiled eggs

From mental illness to hard-boiled eggs. Nice subject change, right? But I’m so baffled by the fact that we boiled up a big batch of eggs from our hens this morning, and across the board Gloria’s were much more difficult to peel than Cleo’s. Why is this? They are consistently a darker brown color, and she is probably more of a Barred Rock than a Rhode Island Red. Does any of that make a difference? Cleo’s nicely peeled egg is on the top right, the other two messes are Gloria’s, which I used for egg salad… not pretty enough for deviled eggs.



6 thoughts on “a break from the heavy to discuss hard-boiled eggs

  1. The question is what’s wrong with Cleo? Fresh eggs are notoriously hard to peel. If you want pretty hard boiled eggs, you have to hide them for a few days (no idea how long) before boiling them. If you boil the egg in the first couple of days you just can’t peel the darned thing.

    I read a post a while ago by a guy who steamed his eggs in the shell rather than boiling them and he swore that it made them easier to peel Maybe you can give that a try.

    After a quick search, I could even find Max’s post – check it out: http://thefruitychicken.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/steam-triumphs-over-modern-technology/

    • Very interesting! I had no idea! Thanks for the tip on steaming them. I’ll try that next time. I guess I can stop being annoyed at Gloria. Do you seriously think that something is wrong with Cleo? Is she maybe not getting enough calcium… or something like that? My feed I give them is especially meant for laying hens, and I always give them access to oyster shells.

      • I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with Cleo. I really don’t understand what makes the white stick to the egg and so I wouldn’t know what – if anything – she’s lacking. I bet it’s just a very convenient genetic thing that scientists should study and breed into all backyard chooks – wouldn’t that make life easier. I say give Cleo and extra treat today for being such a clever chicken.

      • EEEK – snow. Man, the sun is shining and it’s beautiful here. I’ll be dreaming about your snow in a couple of days when we’re due another sweltering summer day but today, I’m content here thank you very much!

      • So jealous. Wish we could trade, at least for a few days. ๐Ÿ™‚ If it would snow and stick for awhile, that’s one thing. But it will probably be mixed with rain, and everything will just be a big slushy mess.

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