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getting our little ark ready for the floods

It sounds like a lot of you chicken-keepers around the world are starting to deal with extreme weather conditions, whether it’s freezing up north, or heating up down under. Here in the Pacific Northwest US we are weathering our typical winter floods, and our poor little ark coop (advertised to be water-tight) doesn’t seem to be withstanding it it completely. The upper floor is becoming damp, and water is seeping through the roof, so we decided it’s time to do some more serious winter-proofing. Luckily, we were blessed with a rare dry sunny day today, so I took some time off work to do it. I pulled the coop into the sunny part of the yard, cleaned it out as best as I could with vinegar water to fight the mold, and helped the sun along by drying the insides with my hairdryer. Then I moved it back to our usual leveled out spot, filled it with fresh straw, and covered it with a newly purchased tarp, careful not to cover the ends so that the door and back ventilation holes remain open. Then I anchored the bottom with a row of bricks. Hopefully this will keep my little hens warm and dry all winter!


17 thoughts on “getting our little ark ready for the floods

  1. You are such a good mama. 🙂 Calum had Cleo and Gloria’s eggs this morning for breakfast. He took a bite, leaned back, and sighed, “These are soooo good. And they remind me of Jonah and Mae. I miss them so much.” Thanks again for a great weekend! xo

  2. Seriously, what did your girls think when you broke out the hair-drier? The things we do, eh? It makes me sympathise all the more with wild birds who have to get wet and miserable. Next time I see one hunched in a tree looking sodden I’ll think of your hair-drier and smile 🙂

    • Yeah, they were pretty startled when I turned it on, and then kept their distance while I was using it. 🙂 They probably are a bit spoiled, all things considered, but at least I’ll sleep better tonight, knowing I’ve done what I can to keep them healthy.

  3. I’m really annoyed with one of my coops. It seems to get wet even with a tarp over it. So I am not using this one at the mo and am testing the tarp in several positions to see where the water is coming and then hopefully I can fix it before putting the girls and mama hen back in there. I hadn’t thought of the hair dryer. 🙂

    • Yeah, I guess the hair dryer does sound sort of silly when you see it in writing. 🙂 But I hated the thought of putting the tarp over it when the floor was still damp. I thought it might just seal the moisture in. And I couldn’t think of another way to dry it out quickly before the rains set in again. The sun just wasn’t strong enough.

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