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poncho obsession

Mae’s current poncho

My daughter refuses to wear pretty much any outer garment besides her sweater poncho lately, and it’s constantly getting dirty. I’d really like to knit her a new one for Christmas, but I’m having trouble choosing a pattern. There are so many cute patterns out there, but there isn’t one that jumps out at me as perfect. So I’m putting it to a vote for my blogger friends. Here are my current options. Let me know which you think is cutest.









They sure look cozy. Maybe I should knit one for myself while I’m at it?

For extra knitting photo fun, here’s the dog sweater I just finished for my Mom’s dog, being modeled by my cats (they are such good sports!).


4 thoughts on “poncho obsession

  1. I like #2 because it’s long and looks wide enough not to restrict your daughter’s arms. Though I like the concept of a hood. Maybe add a hood to it?

    I really like the 2nd one you are considering for yourself. You could size that down for your daughter or be selfish and keep it for yourself 🙂

    Those cats are good sports. I be they don’t know they are wearing dog clothes or they’d never put up with the humiliation!

  2. Thanks for your input! I think I’m partial to #2 as well (for both of us), and good point about the arm restriction. She would not be keen on that. I’m not sure if she would like the hood or not, she doesn’t usually like her head covered… it gets so sweaty… I’m really envious of how she hardly ever gets cold, just like my husband, and the opposite of me and my son.

    Your cat observation is too funny! They may not have been as tolerant if it smelled like a dog beforehand, but they don’t seem to mind my Mom’s dog, since she is a toy poodle, just about the same size as them, and sort of cat-like herself. 🙂

  3. #5. Or #2. Actually #1 was pretty nice too…
    I love ponchos too.
    My youngest is going through a “I don’t need a coat EVER” phase right now and it’s -10C and falling here most of the time, so I’m wrapping him in multiple fleece blankets when we go out. Maybe I should turn one of them into a poncho! (With scissors. Cause that knitting thing, have not mastered it yet.)

  4. Cool! Thanks for the feedback! I think #5 and #2 are pretty similar, but #2 is knitted in the round with a chevron in the middle, and #5 is knitted in 2 pieces that meet diagonally on one shoulder, so I’ll need to decide which design I like better. They both have fringe, which is fun. I picked out some fuzzy, multi-colored yarn that I think would look good with either pattern:

    Making a poncho out of a blanket is a good idea! All you would need to do is fold it into a triangle and cut a whole for the head. You could even cut some fringe around the edges for extra style. 🙂

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