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imagined conversation over breakfast

“I don’t know about you, Gloria, but I for one highly approve of our new ‘yogurt for breakfast’ routine.”

“As do I, Cleo, as do I. You’ve got a little on your beak, there.”

“You don’t say? I was just going to tell you the same thing, Gloria.”

“I guess it’s a good thing that it’s raining, and we have a lot of nice wet grass to clean up with after breakfast.”



6 thoughts on “imagined conversation over breakfast

      • I put out 2 plates with whatever snack I have on hand (chopped cabbage, old sandy grain) and mix in a spoonful of yogurt (everything tastes better with yogurt). Then I always dollop 2 spoonfuls on top of each plate for pure pleasure.

        I use 2 plates because Bronwyn is head chook and after an initial feeding frenzy, she makes a deep clucking sound and the other 2 chooks back away from the plate. When I put out 2 plates poor Bronwyn runs back and fort between them to protect “her” treat and the other 2 girls run back and forth eating at the free plate. That way they get a treat and exercise 🙂

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