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vampire chicken?

We cracked open Gloria’s first 2 eggs this morning, and were surprised by the dark orange yolks with a little spot of red (blood?) in each. This is what they looked like:

Is this normal? Has she been drinking the blood of her victims? (It was Halloween yesterday, after all.) Has she found a rogue rooster with whom she’s been having a secret affair and been impregnated? Is something wrong with her? None of Cleo’s eggs has looked like this.


7 thoughts on “vampire chicken?

  1. This happens sometimes. I find it gross and just pick out the bloody bits. My hubby thinks I’m being silly. Either way the egg gets eaten.

    I also am sometimes offended by the thick, white string bit in the egg. Hubby informs me this is the umbilical cord and to get over myself. He learned his chicken lore from his grandmother who had a flock that were for eggs and meat – not pets – so he’s seen a lot more variety than I have with my 3 little pets.

    As for the general yolk colour, I’ve heard they can vary based on what they eat but my chickens are very consistent. Rosie lays dark yolks, Isabel and Bronwyn lay light yolks.

    Eat up and enjoy!

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