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the plot thickens

I was debating what to do about the “case of the missing eggs”; whether to hold a stake-out, or mount a full blown investigative search of the laurel hedges. I decided that if there was no egg this morning, I would keep them in their coop until the afternoon, to see if Cleo would lay one by then. The hens must have gotten wind of my plan, because this morning there was an egg! So they got to run free all morning after all. There is still no conclusive evidence for what became of her eggs the last 2 days. I guess we will see if there are any further developments in the next few days. Mae was very excited that Cleo’s egg from this morning was actually taller than the large eggs we have from the grocery store. Maybe she just needed an extra day and a half to go up a size!


5 thoughts on “the plot thickens

  1. Ever since we place an overly large nest egg in our henhouse, our Big Girls have stopped laying. The pressure was too intense. Thankfully, our Little Girls have stepped in to fill the egg carton.

  2. its either that or you have some garden pixies who like eggs! my bantams lay 1 egg a day and have a day or two when they don’t lay, if they are being very poor at laying i add a little cider vinager to their water. it’s a tip my breeder gave me. it helps with moulting/colds/etc. and perks them up! (wish there was something similar for me!)

  3. My girls will sometimes skip one day, but never 2. I would be terrified they started internal laying which is fatal. But you have a happy ending (whew). Is the late egg a double yolk? I’ve heard that sometimes they double up and miss a day of laying.

    • I heard of that internal laying too, that would be terrible! It was actually probably only 1.5 days, because I’m assuming she laid it right after I put them to bed that night. Don’t know about the double yolk, because we’ve been saving them up to share with family this weekend. We’ll have to watch for that, and I’ll let you know. 🙂

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