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the case of the missing eggs

Cleo has been laying like clockwork every day in her nesting box… until yesterday. When we came home and checked the nesting box, there was a depression where she had been sitting, but no egg. And the same thing happened again today. Has she not been laying? Is she laying them in the bushes? (if so, they would be very hard to find… the laurels are so big and thick) Is it possible that some animal is sneaking up there and stealing them? (my husband mocks me for this theory.) We have also been having these crazy torrential rain storms off and on, could that be freaking her out? I was holding up my end of the bargain letting them free range all day, so what gives?


4 thoughts on “the case of the missing eggs

  1. I dread the day that I suspect my free ranging girls of laying outside somewhere. I have a plan though if this happens, I will lock them up for a day or two to make sure they know were to lay!
    Also, it has been terrible weather here and our house is right in the path of a wind tunnel and when it comes with torrential rain it does seem to put them off laying for that day.

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