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chicken squats

I’ve been letting the hens free range all day now, whether or not we are home. My neighbor has graciously offered to check on them occasionally, and I think in general they seem so much happier, especially now that the rains have started and worms and slugs are plentiful, so I’ve decided it’s worth the risk. They seem very smart about heading for cover and hiding in the bushes when necessary, and I’ve tried to make sure that there are no places that a dog could get in. Raccoons can still climb over the fences, but we haven’t seen any in quite some time… fingers crossed!

Last night, when I went to herd them into their coop, Gloria did that funny squat thing that Cleo has been doing ever since she started laying, but I haven’t seen Gloria do it before. Maybe that means that she is getting read to lay as well? Does anyone know why they do that? Is it an instinctual defensive move in case they happened to have eggs or chicks to protect? It’s pretty nice, actually, because we can pet them quite easily when they do it, they just sit there and let us.




8 thoughts on “chicken squats

  1. mine do that when they reckon they cant get away and you are going to pick them up-you can then stroke them and pick them up if you wish! its my chooks way of saying “ok you got me now”!

  2. Mine do it if I startle them. If I stand still and look at them like they are being silly the stand up and walk around like nothing happened. I figure it’s a pride thing so I don’t like to make it too obvious that I notice their submission. (I refuse to think they see me as a rooster – no, that’s just creepy.)

    Sorry if I’m blasting you with comments. For whatever reason I wasn’t getting updates from your blog. I’ve tried resetting so hope I get them now. I’ll check back soon to make sure I’m not missing anything.

      • You should totally self-publish! That’s what we are doing. There are so many resources out there now, and places like Amazon.com make it super simple. And free! They take a small cut of the profits, but not nearly as much as a big publishing house. What do you have to lose?

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