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worried mama hen

I just couldn’t stand it… I let the girls stay out this morning when we left for school / work. It had rained HARD all night, and although their sleeping area and their food under the cover stayed dry, the rest of the coop just seemed too enclosed, soggy and depressing to make them stay in there all day, when they were clearly anxious to get out and gobble up worms. I’m hoping the rain will keep serious predators away, and they seem to have gotten very good at hiding in our huge laurel bushes that enclose our yard. They were fine all day yesterday, with minimal supervision. I still want to build them a bigger run for the winter, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to it. So I’m a little worried, but I’m pretty sure they will be fine, and that they will be much happier than they would have been otherwise when we get home this evening. Maybe I’ll have my good friend / neighbor check on them once or twice to make sure.


7 thoughts on “worried mama hen

  1. we are like peas in a pod! worried about chickens who would have thought it huh! I tell you what mine are worse than my kids! I do leave mine out all day but predators are mainly at night for me-mr fox!

    • Totally. But I almost always know where my kids are, safe with me or another responsible adult, and tucked up in their beds at night… so it’s not quite as worrisome. And almost everybody likes to eat chicken…myself and my cats included (we store their chicken-based cat food right next to the poultry feed, how ironic is that?) so
      why do my hens feel almost like my
      babies? I’m so nervous for them today.. I would run home right now, except my husband has the car. How crazy is that?

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