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egg negotiations

It seems that Cleo has struck up a bargain with me: “After you let me run around the yard, then, and only then, will I lay an egg for you.” Sheesh! What a tough negotiator. Egg #6 is on the far right (we ate the first 2… couldn’t wait!)


6 thoughts on “egg negotiations

  1. I’m on you hen’s side. I don’t think she should so easily give up the fruits of her labours. Let them run and then you can reap the rewards.

    Of course there will come a time – with my girls it only took a couple of weeks – before the daily lay becomes just that. No withholding possible. I do feel a bit sorry for them having to lay every day but that is their nature. About once a month a chicken skips a day of laying and I can’t help but wonder where the egg seed (or whatever it is before it pops out) sits for 48 hours. I can’t imagine anything that isn’t uncomfortable so I just stop imagining.

    Go Cleo!

    • I agree, it’s a fair trade. We shook wings on it. But seriously, I think it might also be that she doesn’t like to do it when Gloria is in the coop with her. She waits until she’s down in the yard, and then goes back up. Sometimes they both hang out in the nesting box, so maybe Gloria is hogging the space? I understand, I feel the same way about the public restrooms at work. 🙂

      • 2 of my hens are happy to lay side-by-side (we’ve got a double-wide box, the single box was ignored by all 3 girls). One seems to be a bit more of a hog. If she’s laying the others will make themselves scarce. It breaks my heart to see one of those in lock-out squawking and pacing, clearly ready to lay but unable to get the space. When ms-box-hog leaves, the poor squawker races up the ramp to have a good long sit.

  2. I must be a tougher bargainer. My hens must lay eggs before they free range. It has to be this way, or they’ll lay them under the bushes and in the compost pile…..behind the water heater (after sneaking in the garage)….in flower pots….

    • I was worried about that as well, but that doesn’t seem to be the way she wants to play it… at least for now. She knows exactly where to go back to, she even makes the same little shaped nest in the straw on the same side every time. I’m constantly amazed at their different personalities!

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