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comb color indeed matters

Well, I’m definitely learning something new everyday on this chicken adventure. My sweet sister-in-law read my post wondering about Gloria’s comb color affecting her egg laying, and she found this interesting article for me:


So she probably won’t start laying until her comb is as red as Cleo’s. It’s funny to me that they are developing so differently, when they hatched at the same time, and Gloria has always been a little bigger, but I think that Gloria has more Barred Rock in her than Rhode Island Red, so maybe that makes a difference. And I guess chickens, like people, all develop a bit differently. She is definitely trying to catch up, but her comb is still pretty pink compared to Cleo’s.

The weather report is predicting rain starting on Friday, and continuing indefinitely, so I moved their coop to a more semi-permanent winter location closer to our back door for easier access. Where they were was across the lawn and better for late afternoon shade on hot days, but once the rain starts it will become a swamp over there. I’m really nervous about how they are going to do this winter. We’ve had such a nice dry summer and early fall, but here in Portland, Oregon it rains pretty much non-stop all winter. I’m not too worried about them getting too cold, it hardly ever drops below freezing, and their coop top seems pretty water-tight, but I’m afraid they are going to be miserable nonetheless. 😦 As will I. I’m a summer girl myself.

I really had to show this picture too, because it cracks me up every time the hens eat sand out of the kid’s dump truck. I imagine them being like Godzilla chickens storming the yard.

In kitten news: Lola likes to play fetch! Just like a dog! I’ve never seen that in a cat before, but last night we were sitting on the couch, and she kept bringing us her favorite little mouse toy that she likes to carry around the house. We would throw it, and she would bring it back, over and over. Butterfly didn’t quite get the game. She was excited when Lola would run, and she would try to catch her, and grab the mouse, but then she would just bat it around by herself, while Lola waited patiently by until she was finished. Then she would grab it and bring it back to us to throw again. It was really kind of bitter-sweet to play fetch with her, since that was our dog Lucy’s favorite game, and she was very single-minded about it in the same way, even when other dogs tried to interrupt the game. I guess Lola was trying to show us that even though it’s not feasible for us to get another dog right now, she can be just as fun. She already is just as loving and cuddly as a dog. We really lucked out when we adopted her. And Butterfly as well. They really couldn’t be any sweeter.


5 thoughts on “comb color indeed matters

  1. yes, your chooks will be in lay when they have a bright red comb! It’s really weird how mine go in a little cycle from pale pink to bright red! Still at least we know when to expect the goods!

  2. I’ll have to let you know how a missing comb affects egg laying. We had an unfortunate incident while trying to clip wings….

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