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First Egg!!!

We found our first egg today! So cute and little and brown. Nice job Cleo!






2 thoughts on “First Egg!!!

    • Good question! Short answer: I saw her in the nesting box. Long answer: I had a dream the night before that she (Cleo) got attacked by an animal, and I remember thinking in the dream: “If this is just a dream, I’ll know for sure when I wake up and check on them.” So when I woke up, I looked out the window and only saw Gloria (the black one) in the bottom of the coop, when usually both are clamoring to get out. I really started to freak out when I went outside and Cleo still wasn’t downstairs. Fearful that my dream had become reality, I hesitantly opened the nesting box door, and there she was, doing a funny squat over the straw. I laughed as I realized she was probably laying an egg, and I closed the door to give her privacy. About 30 minutes later she was down in the yard as well, so I went back to check the box, and sure enough, there it was. 🙂 The kids were at my parent’s house, and I knew they would want to be the ones to find it and bring it in, so I left it alone until they got home. They were super excited, and had a little argument about who was going to bring it in, of course. Jonah won, so Mae made him promise she could bring in the next one. There was no egg this morning when they checked, but it was a little later in the morning yesterday when she laid it, so we’ll see if there is another by this evening.

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