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Independence Day – 8 weeks old

Our 2 little pullets have successfully made it through 3 nights outside now. We brought them inside last night because of all of the fireworks, so they wouldn’t get too freaked out. By the 3rd night they were actually going up the ramp by themselves at the end of the day, so they are starting to think of it as a safe home again. We still haven’t caught a rat yet. We’ve tried with peanut butter and sausages, and tonight we’re trying bananas. Maybe they are just too smart for the trap. Or maybe something else killed them. Mae suggested that it was Fluffy. Wouldn’t that be justice? Maybe they choked on her? Yesterday was so gorgeous, we brought the guinea pigs outside too and we all played in the backyard for quite awhile. Gloria and Cleo have started flying to the top of their coop to roost. Here’s some footage and photos:










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