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sad day

We lost our sweet Fluffy last night. Something tunneled under the coop and killed her. We think it was a rat. I feel horrible, because I left the ladder down, and I think that’s why it got up there so easily. Cleo and Gloria were fine, and we are very grateful for that, but we miss Fluffy terribly. The other girls are back inside until we can get the coop reinforced, and hopefully get the rats moved out of our backyard. We think they are nesting in our french drain. (Update: we are now pretty sure it was raccoons, not rats, and that they pulled her through the ventilation hole) We will try to remember the sweet times we had with Fluffy. I’m glad I’ve been keeping this blog with lot’s of nice photos and videos of her. She was so pretty! I wish we could have seen what she looked like all grown up. I salvaged a couple of her feathers, and the kids want to frame them to remember her. Rest in peace, little chick.


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